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  1. Sarosh_ahmed2000 says:

    We as a Pakistani are lucky to have a such honest leader. He was the most clever the most charming leader of all the times. He battle the war of freedom with his cunning wit and uncompromising will.

  2. sadia vine says:

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the only great leader ever born in the history of Pakistan.His everlasting will and the burning spirit made him the Quaid e Azam..We as Pakistanis owe our freedom to him…………i can give my life for my beloved Pakistan..

  3. Sardar Khalid says:

    He was an institutionalist who had deep insight into the affairs of institutionalism. Quaid e Azam stood tall among many of contemporary world leaders – Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru of India, Jamal Abdul Nasir of Egypt, Soyekarno of Indonesia, Martial Teetoo of Yogoslavia.

    Sadaf AJ – thanks for highlighting Quaid on the upcoming Quaid day.

  4. Shakeel_chohan47 says:

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah is one of the greatest person and historical person in the world. He gave us the idea of Pakistan. May Allah bless his soul rest in Heaven. Shakeel Ahmed chohan

  5. Drabdulbasit says:

    It was for Jinnah, that Allama Iqbal said, “Hazaroon Saal Nargis Apni Be Noori pe Roti Hai, Badri Mushkil se Hota Hai Chaman main Deda Were Paida”

  6. Abdul Majeed Malik says:

    A great Leader , Agreat creator, a great Muslim and Founder of Pakistan. After centuries a pesonality like Quid e Azam born to found he Country like Pakistan from Banyas of India.

  7. tanzeela says:

    great job!i really like this effort

  8. wooWWWWWW nice,,,,,,,,,,,,, picts…

  9. muhammad ali teepu says:

    amazed and stunning….speechless

  10. Athar Javed says:

    I am so happy to see such a big and so important picture gallery of our great leader Quide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.Thanks for doing such a remarkable work. Quide was a great leader and this nation is anxiously waiting for another leader like Quide to lead them in such miserable and worst conditions of the country.

  11. Saby31053 says:


  12. I am very happy to watch the pics of the Great Leader of the subcontinent

  13. Mohammad Rafiq Siddiqi says:

    Quaid -e-Azam is the geat leader of all muslims.i m very happy to watch the pictures of our great leader .Realy good effort

  14. Tajammul toheed says:

    We need some leader who can lead us on our Father Mr. Jinnah guide lines. For that Sir Imran Khan is only hope for whole nation. I will request you all to come and join your hands with PTI.

  15. Hassan Ali says:

    Some of the images are not opening, and are currently unavailable, why?

  16. Mehrtas says:

    is another Eid that I would have to celebrate without my children
    “Laraib Irfan & Abdul Saboor Irfan”, but you my friend maybe able to
    help me in deliver my Eid Greeting to them by share my massage on your
    wall and requesting your friends to share it on, maybe my children would
    read it “Eid Mubarak Lali & Sabo”, May blessing of Allah Subhan wa
    Taa’la always shine on you and may you come home soon, I am waiting for

  17. youn de hamen azade k dunya hoi heran ay QAID-E-AZAM  tera ahsan hy ahsan

  18. Mian Ijaz IQbal of Sargroh says:

    wonderful extraordinary ! great collection of quaid’s life images.
    my hats off to Mr. Hamid for extra ordinary efforts.

                                    Main IJaz Iqbal Of SARGOH

  19. Bashir Chughtai says:

    Wonderful compilation of Quaid-e-Azam life in one place; my dua’s and good wishes for Mr. Hamid for this wonderful gift to all Pakistanis and all friends of Pakistan worldwide.

  20. Osama87_qureshi says:

    Great Work

  21. Tumsetumse says:

    the man of determination 

  22. Tumsetumse says:

    the man of determination 

  23. Ahsan_best14 says:

    dear kindly get some photos of janza of mr.muhammad ali jinnah

  24. Wazeer khan says:

    i love my pakistan

  25. Mahmood Wahab says:

    Quaid e Azam – Mohamed Ali Jinnah – Rehamat ul Allah Allaihh, was a true hero of history, we are blessed through him, a great country, he lead the Muslims of IndoPak to their rightful homeland, Pakistan – a homeland for Muslims – where they can live with freedom and choice of their will

    Now is the time to struggle and strive to make our country a great place once again, every one and each one of us shall contribute his/her part and work towards a prosperous and strong Pakistan
    Be Pakistani, Buy Pakistani and be proud to be a Pakistani …

    By a Proud Pakistani,
    Mahmood Wahab, 14 Jan 2012,
    Dubai, UAE

  26. Scorpion_123_khan says:

    i am proud i am pakistani 

  27. Abubaker_dar222 says:

    first of all i want to thanks for sharing precious pics of quid. quid was a  person of high thoughts and he was having great ability of making decisions.and he was a strong man.he was a hard working person .if we are breathing in air of freedom it is due to him.and the personality of quid is really admirable.thank you quid for giving us free life.and i Am really sorry for doing nothing for my nation and country.

  28. Wajidzaman says:


  29. Khalil Najmi says:

    Dear Sir, 
    It has been a wonderful experience going through the pictures, painstakingly collected and arranged at one place by you. I thank you for this tremendous effort on your part. Iam a medallion portrait artist based in Karachi and carve portraits in bas relief. I have recently carved a portrait of Quaid-e-Azam on wood. I was looking for side pose and standing and walking pictures of Quaid-e-Azam in high resolution.  I will appreciate if you can provide me such pictures from this collection. I have saved almost 80% of the pictures posted by you for my collection, but feel that higher resolution pictures will be a great help for me whenever i will plan my next carving of Quaid-e-Azam. I can be contacted through my e.mail or my cell: 92-302-2190969. Best regards, Khalil Najmi

  30. Akramsheikhs says:

    its awesome,,,,,,, i really like this pics i love this pics,,,,, thnx to provide this

  31. tahseen malik says:

    dear sir,                                                                                                                                   i like all pictures of Quid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.he was a great leader and politician.i like him very much………………..

  32. tahseen malik says:

    i am proud that……….i am pakistani,                                                                                     i love my pakistan

  33. Muhammad abrar saleem says:

    ku di hamein azzadi k dunyia hoi heraan

    aey Quaid e azam tera ehsan ha ehsan



  35. Saleem46171 says:

    my passion to collect and view pictures of Jinnah has come true through your efforts. jazakAllah

  36. NABEE_MEEZAN says:

    i am proud that……….i am pakistani,  salam hai ap ko quaid

  37. M. Ilyas says:

    lovely……. nice job done by u….. I really appreciate it

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