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The Jinnah Movie

The Jinnah movie though not expresses full vision & personality of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah but is the only movie on earth which is made on this great personality. According to many this movie didn’t get well attention & accreditation but considered great achievement in establishing it.

The movie contains two parts and said to be uploaded by the movie makers which also shows failure in marketing it. Anyways, if you have good internet & patriotic heart is pumping then you will enjoy the glimpses of the history and how Pakistan was created. Don’t forget to comment & share with your friends & family.


Jinnah in theĀ Urdu Language

Jinnah MovieĀ in the English Language




  1. S23476 says:

    Love to watch Jinnah movie again & again , I watch it 3 times in capri when it was released but sadlly very few people watch this great movie every fucking pakistani was watching cheap movies punjabi,pushto,english hell with our nation who forgots Mr Jinnah

  2. Hafiz Arif says:

    was lookin for this great movie for a while now………
    it’s been ages since i watched it last time…….
    thanks for uploading…….

  3. Nicegirlatiqa says:

    we mis ur mr jinnah u were our gr8 hero .gr8 leader…………………..we just luv u …may his soul rest in peace

  4. Talha_9mera says:

    Great Leader!

  5. Usman Javed says:

    great work ,i would like if u (admin) put some good stories type thing of the great quaid .
    like his as lawyer moral cases or like the story in which he talked to a nurse or in which he angered with his seceratry for calling 2 special cook 4 quaid food stuff.

    i dont realy remember all
    kindly do some research and bundle up all data in this website

  6. This film is great injustice to M.A.Jinnah.

  7. Sajidmaqsd says:

    dear admin, i think you must also post the jinnah part from movie”ghandhi”. it was a hit movie,

  8. Realy a great Movie for OUR EVER GREAT LEADER “M.ALI JINNAH”. but still some facts are not being disclosed in movie……Kashmir was put into dispute intentionally …….LOve Pakistan love Jinnah….

  9. Mairajshafi says:


    I would like to watch our Quaid’s real videos. Please share if you have any..
    Thanks in advance..

  10. Ambur Baloch says:

    such a momentous movie…..we love u Quaid n we are ashamed of doing this disservice to such a precious land: Pakistan

  11. Maanziee says:

    Indeed its really very important for all the Pakistanis to wathch this movie specially for the youth, to get aware of all sacrifices given for the ISLAMIC DEMOCRETIC PAKISTAN!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great movie indeed.

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