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Our National Purpose

“What we must look for is, first, religious and moral principles; secondly gentlemanly conduct; thirdly intellectual ability.” – Thomas Arnold. By General Mirza Aslam Beg The national resilience of the Pakistani people is to be judged by the degree of […]

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Mohammed Ali Jinnah – Time Magazine

Pakistan, the nation the Quaid-i-Azam founded, needs him and his values more than ever. In Pakistan, Jinnah is venerated because his struggles on behalf of the Muslims of

London 1931

In January 1931, the Quaid called for his daughter and sister Fatima in London and took up residence there. He was disappointed by the attitude of the British

Allama Iqbal’s Presidential Address at Allahabad 1930

Allama Mohammad Iqbal,famous poet and philosopher, gave a monumental presidental address at Allahabad on 29th of december 1930 when most of the Muslim leaders were busy in London

Round Table Conferences

Lord Irwin took over as Viceroy in the beginning of April 1926. His efforts towards the prosperity of India were sincere. It was his integrity and earnestness because

Quaid-i-Azam’s Fourteen Points

M.A Jinnah presented his famous fourteen points on March 28,1929 to the Muslim League Council at their session in Delhi. Since all the Muslims opposed the Nehru Report,

Nehru Report

Lord Birkenhead had never disguised his poor opinion of Indian politicians. He felt that they were incapable of handling their own political affairs. His underestimation enraged the Congress

The Simon Commission

The British Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, announced in the House of Commons in November 1927 that a commission would be sent to India to look into the political

The Delhi-Muslim Proposals

Tension between the Hindus and the Muslims was on the rise from 1922 onwards. The Quaid, seeing that the Hindus had no inclination to cooperate with the Muslims,

Jinnah’s Differences with the Congress

M.A Jinnah differed with Gandhi on the means of achieving self-rule. The League session reassembled at Lahore under Jinnah’s presidency and was attended by a number of Congressmen

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