India & Pakistan Partition BBC Special Presentation


  1. Wajiha says:

    It is heart wrenching to see how much both Indians, Pakistanis & Now Bangladeshis suffered out of this partition, but living in the past will not yield any of us anything. I pray that these 3 countries can see a common interest in their people and cooperate to alleviate their state.

  2. muniraqureshi says:

    I am glad that i am PAKISTANI and our LEADER QAID A AZAM was one of the GREAT ;;person one of the honest ….BOLD,,,,,COMMETED,,,,BRAVEST PESONALITY GOD gave us, WE realy proud on him……and thank to show the real face of HINDO,,,,,we PAKISTANIS never forget their CURELITY,,,,MEANES,,,,,ND CUNNINGNES….

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