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Who to blame?

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah created Pakistan back in 1947. Every year on the 14th day of the 8th month we celebrate the ‘Day of Independence’. Celebrate! Well, this is nothing more than an overstatement. The youth, especially becomes the all-so-enthusiastic youth of this nation when it comes to showing our unity: be it a national day, a political rally of our favourite leader or criticising the foreign powers influencing our country. But is it all limited only to being a drama? Melodramatic people, no doubt, we are. But as a matter of truth, the true essence of independence is something that we all have forgotten completely. Moreover, when it comes to siding with a particular leader, we fail to vote for them at the point when they actually need our support. Those empty statements and fruitless support can bring fame to your leader but would not actually help him in governing the country. Who is to blame for all this? Our leaders, our government, the never ending race of the high class citizens or the best of all, our egos.

Firstly, while overlooking our government’s role we can see that hardly has ever democracy flourished in our country. The truth is that true democracy has never even touched the foundations of our government. In a nation like ours, one view is that only dictators can make the country prosper. But let’s think about this for a while. Is it democracy that needs to be pointed to as bad or are there leaders who manipulate this word to an extent that we fail to realise what actually we are entitled to or indeed, free to do in a democratic nation. Nowhere in the world can you say that this saying stands incorrect, “Leadership without vision is like a journey in circles and a vision without leadership is an abstract reality.” Neither do we have the leadership in Pakistan, nor a vision. Or if any one of them, the other part of it is lacking. Let’s look at it this way. Where we have leadership, we have such game-players who’ll never let it prosper, because it entails a loss of power of the conventional rulers. Or where we have a vision, either we’re too afraid to become the leaders or in the other case, which is the most common of all, envy by others doesn’t let us take flight with our dreams.

Let’s come to our so-called leaders. Leaders having a protocol of a long stream of cars, roaming around in the country, hardly educated enough to be deserving rulers and piling up the taxes we give to fulfil their desires and comforts. When we have such people, we deserve to be ruled by dictators. Well, talking about their comforts, you will be surprised to know that one minister’s wife and daughter booked a chartered plane for their friends to travel to Dubai for Shahrukh’s concert. This is a true depiction of magnificent extravagancy. One of our MNAs’ daughter bought a handbag for Rs 1 million. Now obviously when you have a handbag made of pure alligator skin, it is no doubt going to be costly. And where did this Rs 1 million come from? Our pockets, of course. This shows how “generous” we are as a nation.

Now let’s take a 180 degrees turn and look at ourselves. Aren’t we to be blamed too? After all, these politicians are from amongst us. We are generally known as egoistic, arrogant, status conscious people who are haughty and boastful. This may be hard to believe for many but actually, this is what the reality is. The youth of this nation is heading towards devastation. And you’re definitely capable of understanding, in what sense. We’re not conservatives anymore or orthodox in our beliefs. We’re now very modern and in fact elitist in our views. Humbleness and humility are left for those who don’t have the right to speak for themselves just because we have more money than them. It is only when something massive will happen to us that we’ll realise the limit of our control over our lives. It is the grace of Allah that we’ve been bestowed with all that we need for our survival. In fact, we have much more than that. But dare we visit even a little mud house in the outskirts of Lahore, we’ll realise how hard it is to survive in an age like this. Yet we love boasting how many cars are in our porch, the Guess or LV bags that we recently bought. In this aura of pride and materialism we forget those who search in dustbins for food and form the majority in our country. Still it is a pity that we love doing such acts that degrade our status as human beings.

So at the end, it’s all about the wisdom to make us decide who the culprit is. We’re so easy to be played with. We’re so vulnerable to attacks on our identity. Yet, we’re not at all bold enough to revolutionise perceptions.


By Alina Azhar, Daily Times


  1. Rashid Shah says:

    The Sold Politicians and Army Generals of Pakistan , which uses its power over its own people instead of giving them Rights!

  2. Objection Overruled says:

    I also believe that the youth needs to be descipline. Because it is this youth that cheats in exams, that makes fun of ‘heejras’, that wakes up late on weekends and is lazy to do the household chores.. I am not talking about the women, but the men basically… I trust in God.. not even in this youth.. this youth needs to realize that it is THEM who needs to undergo a revolution of their BEING! Thats all!