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My Brother, Jinnah

In her book titled “My Brother” by Quaid-i-Azam’s sister Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, quotes “One day, looking intently into my eyes, he (Jinnah) said, Fati I am no more interested in living. The sooner I go, the better. These were ominous words. I was shocked, as if I have caught a live electric wire. I managed to keep calm and said, Jin, you will be soon alright, Doctors are hopeful. He smiled, a deathly smile, No I don’t want to live”. Sixty Four Years down the road, the plight of this nation seems to be the same as that of Quaid for no one having any desire to live on.

Dr Irfan Zafar


  1. Qyousuf says:

    I don’t understand how you have linked how 64 years later nobody wants to live on in Pakistan just as the Quaid had said of himself to his sister after the horrors of partition and his own deteriorating health. Pakistanis have lived on and will live on–please stop being so daramatic–we need this superpower bullshit to stop in our neighbourhood and US to go back, then we will live on and we will see who won’t let us live on.

    thanks and please be positive if you want to be a true admirer of the Quaid!

    Yousuf Qureshi

  2. Born To Rule says:

    He is our QUAID…

  3. Leader says:

    too much pessimist view dr irfan,…..

  4. kevin robert says:

    awesom personality i havent seen in my lyf for our pakistan they give us a land…!!!
    how to be an actor

  5. Nabeel says:

    Wow, that’s pessimistic! I think you are following this media day and night. don’t blame you. 

  6. Askari says:

    o we so love u both…U were angels….!

  7. Naim says:

    Dr Irfan did you ever consider why we reached this stage.The simple answer is that people of west pakistan always wanted it.Bengalis whom we always looked down upon parted company less then quarter of a centuary after partition when they finaly foresaw that we were not the people with whom they can keep stride.Feudalism/jagirdars+rat skined stinking sarkari babooz have turned into a fatal combination for us.Apparently no respite in sight.naim ur rehman.E

  8. A Junaid52 says:

    i love my pakistan ,and very very very very love you quaide azam muhammad ali jinnah…..