Dr. Israr Ahmad speaking about Quaid-e-Azam

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  1. Abdullah Khan says:

    3 million innocent people died and many more suffer than jinnah`s dream country pakistan was born… Jinnah divided his own mother land nd gave people more reasons to hate eachother …… pakistan means country born of religious hatred….. wat if a man like Ali jinnah born again widin pakistan and this time he demand for free christian country for pakistani christians…? those are dumb stupid who think jinnah was noble … in real ali jinnah was cursed as cursed as islamic prophet muhammad…..religions and countries not created by GOD   nd those who fight for religions nd for countries r men of shytan….. 

    • Muhammad Abubakr says:

      Being a muslin i fee proud to be a Pakistan since i am free to perform my religious duties easily as compare to undivided India. it is very true that Hindu and Muslims have their own nationhood purely depends upon their religion. so i don’t know why very few people think negative about him. what i believe is that the reason is only because Quide e Azam was a true muslim therefor antimuslims element they are so called muslims but actually they are followers of Shaytan. 
      Allah will help us to remove these non muslim elements from the soul of true islam. 
      i hate Dr. Israr and his anti islamic views.

    • Bilal Berlin says:

      Mr Khan

      May be you don’t the history of Indo-Pak. Educate yourself first and then make any comments about it.
      Study about the 4 year rule of congress on India and how Muslims were being humiliated, they were not allowed to pray, do business or take part in mainstream politics, they were suppressed from every angle.

      To Live Free According to out Believes we needed Pakistan at any cost, otherwise there was no survival.

      Just recently in Gujarat Riots Thousands of Muslims were rapped, killed and burnt alive! and Indian government did nothing against criminals because Government was itself involved. So Learn about the situation before making any comment.

    • Zeeshan says:

      Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah did what he felt was right for the muslims of the subcontinent bearing in mind that the muslims also felt the way he did because he did not forcefully subdue them to elect the Muslim League to represent them in the elections nor did he force them to accept his view on the division of subcontinent. M.A. Jinnah was a noble person who empowered a minority to overcome a majority of Hindus of Subcontinent which would not have been possible under a normal democracy. In my view M.A. Jinnah was more of an influential leader than Gandhi and Nehru because he represented a minority rather than a majority and still his view and perspective was accepted by the British government to divide the subcontinent.
      @ce663163001fb8eee0e06d872c30f7f0:disqus the bloodshed that took place at the time of partition was purely a mischief of the majority Hindus and their underling Sikhs because they opposed the partition and anyone who had supported it i.e. Muslims. Just look at what happened to the Golden Temple of Sikhs in India? minorities in India are more insecure as compared to Pakistan. People in Pakistan are no angels but that is what a test is for in the first place for people who achieve a homeland in Islam’s name getting founded on 14th of August, 27th Ramadan Mubarak in fate not Satan’s handy work, get educated scumbag.

    • Wallis says:

      Before talking crap about Jinnah , u should know 1 thing that how muslims r treated in india , even Jasvant Singh praised “Jinnah” in his book ,go & see what Christopher Lee a british actor has said about “Jinnah”.
      Even Gandhi was a friend of Jinnah & said that he was a “great indian”.

      Hatred even existed before partition, why did Jinnah leave Congress & join muslim league ?
      Even the british writers of that time saw the attitude of the hindus & talked about the role Jinnah played.
      If you believe that partition has caused more hatred ,then how much love was their bw hindus & muslims before partition?If hindus r great ,then why the indian christian community was protesting in washington?Kutey ,not only muslims, even christians r badly treated in INdia, nuns r raped, churches r burned & pasters r beaten on the streets in Orissa   Province of India.1000s of muslims were killed in Gujrat India & police was standing their . 

  2. Zainy00 says:

    Dear Khan,

    Let’s not get into the discussion of what is right and what is wrong because your truth is very different than mine and the same is the case with each individual, I do agree that religion, origin and region all play a vital role in your perception of what is right and what is wrong.

    Yes 3 million innocent people died and suffered, but do you think it is appropriate to blame one person if so then with your comment how much hate and negativity you have created. Do you feel responsible?
    Does it solves any problem?
    Does it helps in solving the problem?
    Of course not it is our action which will bring the change. It is our character our upbringing, our education, our motivation  and loyalty to the country which will bring change.

    Lets not pass judgments of what is created by GOD and what is not and who is righteous and who is man of shaytan.

    Correct yourself first

    Bring change in your own self FIRST AND FOREMOST

    and if you have a speck of decency i do not know what religion you belong to i would suggest you keep your opinions about certain personalities i.e. our Holy Prophet (PBUH) to yourself or By the Grace of Almighty Allah and his willing If I do get the chance I will take your life for the words you have used for our Prophet (PBUH).

    P.S. Who are you to judge a person like our Quaid do you think you are better than him?
    it is very easy to blame someone but very difficult to do anything remotely as great as he did especially from a person like YOU.


  3. Hello20112002 says:

    I thanks Dr. Israr ka apna hi pata nahi k ye khud bhi muslim hy yaa nahi 
    kun k ye tu khud yazeed ki nasal sy hain

    • Ferozedanish says:

      tumko apna pata hai kia ?? jo kaam dr israr ker kay gayay hain , woh tumharay khandan mein bhi koi nhi ker sakta. tumko kia pata. tum to logon ki baaton per yakeen keray ho. 

    • Arslan says:

      he is referring the marriage ceremony of his son on 10 muharram…
      Afterwards even Dr israr sab   used not to defend that…..

  4. Proud Muslim and Pakistani says:

    this fake abdullah khan is a retard and coward, who doesnt have guts to write all his views with his real name. I would simply laugh on these ppl who can just bark on others and close their eyes happily on seeing what ever is happening inside their homes.

  5. Dia Ltf says:

    Mr. Khan and other people like him should think before commenting that after blessing of Allah it was Quaid’s devoted efforts that you are able to comment…Jinnah divided his motherland for people who dont want to be enslaved by devils like hindus.. Pakistan means country born of religious independence.. Islam is never like chiristism… Islam is born to spread on earth nd it ‘ll InshaAllah while christinaty is based on human idealogy idealised by conservative ppl like you.. In world Allah has given leverage to devils but InshAllah we ‘ll see Abdullah Khan on day of judgement when he will be cursed by Allah… Change your name as Abdul Shaytaan.. you are real devil… Curse on you

  6. Mir Raees says:

    Abdullah Khan. LOL..Stupid..!!

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