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Mohammed Ali Jinnah – Time Magazine


Pakistan, the nation the Quaid-i-Azam founded, needs him and his values more than ever.

In Pakistan, Jinnah is venerated because his struggles on behalf of the Muslims of India resulted in the establishment of the country. But Jinnah’s true claim to greatness as an Asian leader is more universal: he sought to protect the rights of minorities through constitutional law.

Jinnah was a secular, Westernized, British-trained barrister; himself a Muslim, he married a Parsi, spoke mainly in English and wore European clothes. In 1920, he left Mahatma Gandhi’s Indian National Congress, of which he had been a member for two decades, not because of his own faith but because he believed Gandhi’s use of Hindu symbolism would encourage religious zealotry in politics. As Asia emerged from colonization, among the most vexing problems facing the continent’s nascent nation states was that of their large minority populations. Jinnah’s preferred solution was a legal one: constitutional measures ranging from electoral safeguards to guaranteed representation in state institutions. It was only when his attempts to achieve these measures failed that he began to campaign for a separate state for the Muslims of the subcontinent.

Six decades later, Pakistan has drifted far from Jinnah’s vision of a secular democracy. President Pervez Musharraf, who invokes Jinnah’s values in speeches, has little patience for democracy. The religious opposition parties reject as un-Pakistani the concept of secularism. And the inhabitants of smaller provinces like Baluchistan find themselves lacking the protection for minorities that Jinnah made his life’s mission. If one believes in the rule of law, mistrusts religious zealotry and opposes tyrannies constructed in the name of majorities, one should find it easy to see oneself in Jinnah and to empathize with his struggle. Much of Asia could learn from his example, none more so than those of us who belong to the state he founded.

Courtesy : Time Magazine


  1. Fahad Tariq says:

    correction : Quaed e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (R.A) was not a secular mind and he did’t mary a parsi girl (she became muslim before marying Jinnah (R.A)

    • Usman_atk says:

      ūüôā listen how about u read the whole article from Times magazine, u ‘ll find out how much a religious person was he. u’ll be surprised ūüôā

      • Raheel says:

        Dear Usman,show me any quote by Jinnah (R.A) which is against teachings of Islam.!!!!!!!!!

    • Atif Razzaque says:

      Agreed with Fahad Tariq…its just propaganda against Jinnah…its clear before year 38 he was but when he came back from London he become a true Muslim and he agreed with Allam Iqbal’s (R.A) approach about real Islam….:)¬†

      • Pakistan says:

        ¬†What is your definition of a ‘true’ Muslim Mr Atif Razzaque? Is it Osama bin Laden? Is it Fazlur Rehman? Is it Hafiz Saeed? Is it Hameed Gul? If you step outside your cave, you’ll probably have to walk to the nearest library & do some research on the subject & perhaps then you can learn a thing or two about Jinnah..He was BETTER than YOU, he was better than ME.. and he was not even a Sunni.. and today Sunnis like you and I – the majority – dont treat our Shia Muslim brothers as equal fellow Pakistanis.. You see something wrong with that or NO?

        • Ali_qamar says:

          I think its you who need to step out of your cave… about your marriage comment on Omar Farooq comment, let me tell you; being a Muslim we are not suppose to question what we are asked to do… Please put some thought before you talk…

          • Malik Wazir says:

            that’s why you/ those who are not supposed to question join the Taliban and various lashkars. Why talk about putting thought into things if you’re not supposed to question? If you’re not supposed to question sensless murder of fellow Muslims–whether Shia or even Sunni by Taliban, by the state, by… then why were you put on earth? Question yourself Ali Qamar, and question your beliefs. Knowledge is not a bad thing, trust me. And if you’re not supposed to question, this is what our Holy Prophet said: “Acquire knowledge. It enables its possessor to distinguish right from wrong; it lights the way to Heaven; it is our friend in the desert, our society in solitude, our companion when friendless; it guides us to happiness; it sustains us in misery; it is an ornament among friends and an armor against enemies.” Be half as good as Jinnah and then talk about his character. This article does justice to his personality.

          • Pakistan says:

            ¬†@Ali_qamar; I guess I don’t have to say much.. #Malik Wazir just raped your comment with his response.. So you see, there are more sensible Pakistanis around than dumb religious zealots like you ūüôā

  2. ThirtyNineDegree says:

    I might be wrong but as far as I have read he didn’t marry a Parsi. Ratti Jinnah reverted to Islam before they committed to eachother. Please see if this can be verified. May be additional factual content can be put as relevant footnote?

  3. Navve says:

    Whats wrong if a muslim man or girl marry with non-muslim? And moreover religion has nothing to do more than your own faith.

    • Omar Farooq says:

      In islam it is wrong to get married with a non-muslim person. Except those non-muslims who have one of the following Holy Books given by Allah.
      1. Torah
      2. Zabur
      3. Bible

      • Pakistan says:

         Why Mr Omar Farooq? Are the people without those books NOT human? Are they LESS human? Your racist thinking is abhorrent to say the least.. If two consenting adults marry, it is their basic human right to do so.. YOU, ME, the government, NOT even God has a say in it.. if God judges them to be wrong; let him decide on the day of judgment.. You are NO ONE to pass any judgment

        • hops says:

          @Pakistan, Quran said Kufr and Islam can stand together, God has judged in Quran, making excuses will not solve your problem,  if any one wanna do anything,he is free to do of his own believes ,  God will judge. People without books are human and have same rights, Dont take it emotionally in a case of marriage.

  4. Aamer Farooqui says:

    Ms Ratti Was Converted to Islam before getting married to Our Jinnah. Plz correct your record before publishing this to public

  5. Omar Farooq says:

    Courtesy link broken
    correct link:,16641,19460422,00.html

  6. Tymtravlr says:

    the point of the article is that Jinnah stood for the rights  of minorities and against the tyranny of  any type either religious or racial majority. 

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†And that is exactly what WE as Pakistanis have failed to deliver on.. Punjabis racially started discriminating against all other groups in Pakistan soon after independence.. result? Bengalis broke away.. Today Baluchistan is up in flames.. Lets not even get started on the religious aspect.. the Shia, the Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus all know how evil we Sunnis are to them just ‘cuz we are the majority

  7. Umerahmad says:


  8. Pakistan says:

    The ironies of life.. the mullahs & their illiterate brigades opposed Jinnah & his demand for Pakistan when he was still struggling for the Pakistani cause.. but right after he succeeded, the same mullahs and their jahil brigades hijacked Pakistan’s ideology to turn it into a near theocracy like today’s failed Iran.. These religious crazies have never done anything to benefit Pakistan ever; perhaps its time to fill up container with all the leaders of Jamat-ud-Dawa, the Sipah-e-Sahaba, the various ‘lashkars’, the Ludhianvis, the Hafiz Saeeds, the Hameed Guls and all such goons who infect Pakistan like termites & give them a burial at sea just like their icon OBL was dispatched to meet his virgins in the afterlife!

  9. Pakistan says:

     How about you get yourself some education? Jinnah was ok with having alcohol & living a modern life unlike the cave-hugging mullahs who can only rant in public while wasting bright Pakistani kids by brainwashing them to fight in Kashmir or Afg..

  10. EngrAnwar says:

    “Religious Zealotry” , quite unjustifiable words you are using to paraphrase Jinnah’s joining to Muslim League.
    While we have some very Cristal clear statements when he is quoted saying “We have made Pakistan to Practice Islamic Law here”, then how come he feared if he shall struggle for Muslims he would be termed Religious Zealot.
    Rather he emerged as true leader for the Muslims and that was the only reason Muslims joined him for the struggle of Pakistan.

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@EngrAnwar; SO if you believe that Jinnah emerged as leader of ALL Muslims even though he was a Shia.. how would you comment on today’s Pakistan where Sunni majority is discriminating and killing off Shia, Ahmadis, etc in the name of Islam? Are you proud that our army generals and mullah parties have imported Saudi Wahhabism & Salafism to Pakistan and combined it with Deobandism to create a deadly mixture of terror and violence?!?!

  11. Aliasif452 says:

    Just some fake words to pass smile on pakistani people .  reason ? timemag never published that . check out courtesy link if you dont belive me
    i have a feeling this comment wont survive long

  12. Zahidlatif says:

    Sorry to say that write should not write about those he don’t know much, he need to learn about ¬† Quaid-e-Azam Muhamad Ali Jinnah,¬†He wasn’t a secular.
    Secondly,Ms Ratti was converted to Islam before getting married to him.Thirdly,¬†it’s a bad kind of propaganda against our Founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah.¬†

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@Zahidlatif; Perhaps you should read a history book that’s not from your school’s library.. Jinnah was OK with having alcohol.. he didn’t care if Ratti converted to Islam; it was done to satisfy the loud mullahs & calm the nerves of the more conservative members of the Muslim League.. You see, Jinnah had to be careful cuz his personal life; like any politician; could always be used against him in the political arena..

  13. Taj says:

    This is quite true. Sorry guys, although I am a Pakistani, ¬†I don’t believe what the government text books say. That is just state propaganda that was published so as fuel up some unity against foreign threats – not naming any names here. Jinnah DID make this country so as to protect minorities from the oppression of the majority. However, everyone has the right to disagree to it and interpret the history as they will it to be interpreted, but really guys, lets not rewrite it- next thing you know they will be saying that Z.A. Bhutto was the first democratic leader of Pakistan- history tells us that he was the first civilian martial law dictator. lets accept history for what it is and not believe in the bunch of lies that our government text books feed us, they are filled with fallacies.

  14. Dashinghotice says:

    i only disagree where he wrote ”¬†
    smaller provinces like Baluchistan ” …. its the biggest of all only¬†approach¬†towards it is smaller .. that the main problem ..

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@Dashinghotice; Baluchistan is being referred to as ‘small’ province because of the population size.. the entire province of Baluchistan has less population than the city of Karachi..

  15. Farhanhbk says:

    To judge if Qauide Azam  was secular or relegious read bellow:
    1) He talked about Two nation theory
    2) After Pakistan made his speech of Islam on State bank of pakistan
    3) He has used Allama Asad (the reverted german muslim ) for the protection of islamic infrasturcture
    4) In old Picture of Muslim league (Flags were completely green and on banners it was written about Islam and poem of Iqbal)
    5) He said his true mentor was Iqbal while Iqbal said (juda ker deen siasat say tu reh jati hay sirf chungaizi)

    6) His words

    On October 11, 1947, in an address to Civil, Naval, Military and Air Force Officers of Pakistan Government in Karachi, he said:

    We should have a State in which we could live and breathe as free
    men and which we could develop according to our own lights and culture
    and where principles of Islamic social justice could find free play

    On February 21, 1948, in an address to the officers and men of the 5th Heavy and 6th Light Regiments in Malir, Karachi, he said:

    You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of
    Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood in
    your own native soil. With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to
    duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.[63]7) Last but not least : Objective resolution of Pakistan There is no question left that he wanted Pakistan as non secular islamic country…do you still want to argues that? Who the hell the world to tell us better judge your self unbiased way

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@Farhanbk:disqus ; Thats the same rhetorical rant used by every proponent of turning Pakistan in to a religious state like Saudi Arabia and/or Iran.. The ‘words of Jinnah’ you quoted were specifically crafted & aimed at the armed forces so as to boost their morale when hostility with India was at peak!

      The words that DO take precedence over everything is his speech when delivering the opening address to the Constitutional Assembly on 11 August 1947:

      “…You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State…

      ..We are starting in the days where there is no discrimination, no distinction between one community and another, no discrimination between one caste or creed and another. We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one State..

      …Now I think we should keep that in front of us as our ideal and you will find that in course of time Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because that is the personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the State..”

      Read full speech here:

  16. Sharique_6 says:

    This whole article is biased. Based on particular sort of perception without significant references ….¬†

  17. saff s says:

    May Pakistan soon grow to be the true Islamic Pakistan Jinnah envisioned it to be. Only then would it guarantee the rights of Non-Muslims too! InshaAllah!

  18. Rani says:

    Jinnah was a secular…..if he is secular then you are mother fucker ….:D

  19. Jinnah was neither Secular nor theocratic ……… he was a Islamic Democratic Socialist

  20. Zzlove says:

    the statement of quran  for men about marring non muslim women:
    ‚ÄúMade lawful to you this day are At‚ÄĎTayyibaat [all kinds of Halaal (lawful) foods, which Allaah has made lawful (meat of slaughtered eatable animals, milk products, fats, vegetables and fruits)]. The food (slaughtered cattle, eatable animals) of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them.¬†(Lawful unto you in marriage) are (not only) chaste women who are believers, but chaste women among the People of the Book revealed before your time, when you give them their due dowries, and desire chastity, not lewdness, nor sectret intrigues. If anyone rejects faith, fruitless is his work, and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all the spritual good).” [Surah 5:4,5:5] >>
    Now for muslim women what quran says:
    And do not marry Al-Mushrikats {idolatress, etc.} till they believe (worship Allah alone). And indeed a slave woman is better than a (free) Mushrikah {idolatress, etc.}, even though she pleases you. And give not (your daughters) in marriage to Al-Mushrikun** till they believe in Allah alone and verily a believing slave is better than a (free) Mushrik, even though he pleases you. Those Al-Mushrikun invite you to the Fire {Al naar}, but Allah invites you to the Paradise and Forgiveness by His Leave, and makes His Ayaat {proofs, evidences, lessons, verses, signs, etc.} clear to mankind that they may remember. [Surah 2:221] 
    for both men and women about marring the person other than the people of book:
    ‚ÄúAnd do not marry Al-Mushrikaat (idolatresses) till they believe (worship Allaah Alone). And indeed a slave woman who believes is better than a (free) Mushrikah (idolatress), even though she pleases you‚ÄĚ[al-Baqarah 2:221]¬†why muslim women are not allowed to marry any nonmuslim?
    A Muslim man who marries a Christian woman doesnt deny the Scripture and the prophet of his Christian wife, on the contrary he approves them and he never disrespects to them. So, a Christian woman isnt subjected to despise and disrespect by her Muslim husband because of her religion. So, there is no losing of anything for her. However, a Christian man that a Muslim girl marries doesnt possess such an approval and respect. A Christian man is moderated to accept neither Hadhrat Mohammad (PBUH) nor Quran that the Muslim girl believes in. So, a Muslim girl is subjected to despise by getting under the wedlock of a man denying her Scripture, prophet and religion. The obstacle of this marriage is because of this despising. The only solution for such a marriage is that, like a Muslim man, the Christian man must accept the Scripture and the prophet of the Muslim woman whom he wants to get marry with by disclosing his belief through the phrase of the Islamic testimony (I testify that there is no god but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is Allahs Messenger). Thus, like a Christian woman, a Muslim woman will attain the equality of getting married someone that doesnt deny her religion and the subject will be solved in a fair way.

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@Zzlove; So you’re assuming that ALL non-Muslims are on a ‘mission’ to distance his/her Muslim wife/husband away from Islam?? That is utter nonsense! And allowing a Muslim ‘man’ to marry Christian or Jewish woman but not allowing a Muslim woman the same freedom to choose her husband regardless of his religious beliefs is sexist & discrimination.. that is part & parcel of patriarchal attitudes of Muslim societies.. No wonder women are not even treated as human in most Muslim countries today.. There are thousands of examples of couples all across the planet Earth where one person is Muslim & the other is non-Muslim & not even one of the peoples of the book; but they live a happily married life because they respect each others’ religious beliefs & values..

      To each, his own! Truly God is all-knowing & he will accept a loving relationship that has mutual respect in it; because if God cannot accept such case & wants us Muslims to force non-Muslims to become Muslim just to marry us- then HE is NOT God.. and Qur’an then contradicts itself when it says, ‘There is NO compulsion in religion’.. because if you cannot force/compel someone to become Muslim; then WHY force them to accept Islam if they want to marry us?

  21. Zzlove2000 says:

    now about  QUAID E AZAM:
     iam quoting quaid e azam statments:
    “you are only voicing my sentiments and the sentiments of millions of musalmaans,when you say that pakistan should be based on pure foundations of social justice and islamic…islamic socialism…not other isms”
    ” we donot demand pakistan simply to have a pice of land but we want a laboratory where we could experiment on islamic principles”
    for two nation theory 
    ” hindu india and muslim india must be separated. because these two nations are entirely distinct and different and on some matters are antagonistic to eachother. we differ in our history,culture,language,architecture,music,laws,juric rules,calender and our entire social values and code of life”
    “one india is impossible realization,it will inevitably means that the muslims will be transferred from the domination of the british to the cast hindu rule, a position that a muslim will never accept”
    “we want the division of india into hindustan and pakistan because that is the only practical solution”
    who ever wants to listen these statements in the voice of quaid e azam they can go to this link: 
    ¬†u can also wath all the episodes of war of ideology… iam giving the link to first episode 

    is quaid e azam secular or islamic?
    ¬†the main war is know an ideological war. the enemies of pakistan are ¬†trying to ipmliment ideas that pakistanies should be confused that why pakistan was created???? pakistan was created so that ¬†here will be an islamic system of government similar to the khilafat system. when pakistan was not created yet the problem of palestine was raised at that time quaid e azam said if muslims of palestine were subjected to ¬†any kind of injustice the whole muslim nation will protest, at that time when even pakistan was not created he still has the feelings for not only muslims of subcontinent but for all muslim ummah ,such a person is called secular that he want a secular system in pakistan?????? its totally wrong he was not secular.. he was a saint , a faqeer…. ALLAH has gifted quaid e azam to this nation after tipu sultan… hazrat peer jamat ali shah(ameer e milat) said about quaid eazam ¬†that by GOD he is waliALLAH. hazrat peer jamat ali shah said ¬†fatwa that the muslim who will not give vote to quaid e azam will not be ¬†burried in muslim graveyard….after creation of pakistan he send to quaid e azam the gift of quran ,and tasbeeh and ja e namaz quaid e azam wrote back a letter of thanks and said u have sent me the holy quran because for a muslim ruler its necessary to learn quran and ¬†to act according to it and to impliment its principles, you have sent me ja e namaz because the one who doesnot ¬†follow ALLAH, his nation dont follow him, and you have sent tasbeeh ¬†so that i recite darood on hazrat muhammad (.s.a.w) because the one who dont recite daroor is deprived of ALLAH mercy…………. the person who belive this can be a secular??????????
    actually among the muslim countries the most potential that any country have to progress and become one of super powers is pakistan… we are a way head in technology than other muslim countries ¬†so all the enimies of pakistan are trying to attack our basic ,unity and ideology because when our nation will be divided they can perform their task easily ¬†they are doing this by media ,by terrorist attacks…. ¬† this is not the case of shia sunni… because in bomb blasts both imam bargah and the mizars and the mosques are targetted cant we see it????? taliban are those operating in afghanistan… but those who are doing terrorists attack are tehreek e taliban which is diffrent and funded by antipakistan elements. in balochistan also bla (blochistan liberation army) created by forien elements to liberate balochistan from pakistan… ¬†even our leadership is promoting all this and promoting the rage against our army which are defending pakistan…our isi is ranked no.1 not acoording to us but according to america report… our nuclear wepons are safe because they are in the hand of army not the corrupt polititians…… ¬†our media is also constantly promoting anti pakistan elements… what jeo has done over the years????? it has spread ¬†a situation of nervousness among whole nation;;; we are mentally tortured by our media… when they repeatedly show us bad things we began to think pessimistly .. ask any pakistani what will be the future of pakistan majority of them have negative views why????? who is promoting this????? and ok if we have problems then why media dont prepare the nation to solve or stand against these problems????? y are we degraded morally???? its all part of a big planning…… everyone of u should see the series the arrivals it will help you in understanding about the illuminati and their goals here is a link to first part 

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@Zzlove; You are an IDIOT.. if Jinnah wanted to make Pakistan a ‘khilafa’ then WHY did he oppose the Khilafat movement in India when on the other hand, Gandhi supported it.. Jinnah left Gandhi’s CONGRESS exactly because he did NOT like Gandhi mixing religion with politics.. Obviously for all the rhetoric that you are raising here and quoting one-liners from Jinnah’s speeches out-of-context; you have NO clue about Jinnah or the history of the partition.. U’re like the empty tin-can mullah at friday prayers, who gives long sermons but has no logic or understanding of how things actually are or how they work..

  22. Zzlove2000 says:

    this is not my wording brother : open the quran and read the refrences i have given to you. and ¬†ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST. and its your assumption that you said i havent said any thing like that…. islam is a general religion which is not only for muslims but for whole humanity….. all islamic principles are for the betterment of humans whether we understand it or not…. and brother in islam ¬†amuslim man is allowed to marry 4 women if he can ¬†maintain equality between them but a muslim women can maryy only one at a time can u say that here also women are the victim of injustice?????? do ALLAH do injustice to his men????? i have given u the refrences of quran its not my statement u can read it….. and what is happening in muslim countries is due to muslims not due to islam… muslim can be good or bad … similarly christian,jew, hindu can be good or bad… so if something wrong happens in muslim country u cant blame islam for it …. and brother there are many aspects of this that y ALLAH has created this ruling… we as humans cant understand all because we are created and he is the creator and only ALLAH knows the best ….¬†

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@Zzlove; Allah surely seems to love men more than women.. You are just another example of DUMB Muslim.. following stuff that your one-cell brain cannot even begin to understand or question.. Obviously you have easy EXCUSE for everything which is, ‘oh we are humans, can’t understand anything, can’t understand God’s masterplan..’ So in that sense, I guess that humans are not ‘ashraf-al-makhlookaat’?? Humans are the most intelligent creatures on this planet; surely if humans can build particle accelerators to understand the creation of the universe; they can figure out why God said what He said in the Qur’an.. But ofcourse, DUMB Muslims like you give Islam a bad name..

  23. Zzlove2000 says:

    ok pakistan brother thanks for telling me who iam but i think i know better my self :-))))) so you have context of what i have quoted give it to me???? and opposition of khilafat moment was because it was a voilet moment and quiad e azam has non violent attitude ¬†and mr ghandi has also left the moment later… and when u say about khilafat u dont consider the khilafat that was in turkey at that time the khilafat is condered which was at the time of ¬†the 4 khalifa’s hazrat ¬†abubakar siddiq (r.a) hazrat umer(r.a).hazrat usman(r.a) and hazrat ali(r.a) … no doubt that standards cant be achieved but striving for them is what we have to do….. and jinnah left the congress not due to ¬†that gandhi ¬†was mixing religion with ¬†politics… he left due to their unjustful attitudes towards muslim. u can see that attitude also in 1938 election when congress government was formed… and that government can run just for 1 year due to there in justice to muslims… having hindu majority where is the chance for muslims to come upto bigger levels?????

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@f0ef9a6c8aa96ef6f539b058e197de26:disqus: Well you can have ALL the WET dreams in the world about the four Khulfa-e-Rashidun.. but that time is GONE and is NOT coming back.. You can live in your fantasy lala-land and I will choose to live in the current practical world.. Where is the Khilafa today in Turkey or anywhere else in the world? Turkey is lightyears ahead of Pakistan and other Muslim countries that claim to be ‘more’ Muslim than others..

      Jinnah left Congress because Gandhi involved religion with politics; Jinnah was working to make life of Muslims of India better even while he was in Congress; injustices to Muslims is NOT the reason he left Congress party.. You are MOST welcome to read Stanley Wolpert’s: Jinnah, The Sole Spokesman; or Ayesha Jalal’s book or even Partition of India: Legend and Reality by H. M. Seervai.. then you will learn some stuff you obviously do not know about..

      You complain about no chance for Muslims to come up to ‘bigger’ or I should say ‘higher’ levels when there is a Hindu majority.. Well, Looks like Muslims of India today are doing MUCH better than Hindus of Pakistan where Hindu girls are being kidnapped all over Sindh every month and forced to convert to Islam to marry Muslim men who cannot control their penises.. or their filthy minds..

      TIME FOR YOU TO WAKE UP & smell the coffee kiddo!

      • Zax says:

         What about the gang rapes committed by the indian forces in Kashmir. By using the kinda language you just proved that its actually you who is filthy low life piece of junk and probably a gang rapist

        • Pakistan says:

          ¬†hahah! so rape by Indian forces mean YOU have the license to rape Hindu women? Aren’t you BETTER than them? Go back to your milk & cookies boy, this discussion is beyond your years..

          • Zax says:

            ¬†Why dont you go back to the shithole that you come from. On a separate note you lousy hypocrite pussy cat instead of using Pakistan’s Name as your nick use INDIA coz that is where you come from. You know what i just realized you are wild dog and there is no point arguing with you coz all ur gonna do keep bark’n. So go ahead doggy boy do what you do best

  24. Zzlove2000 says:

    brother a man cant understand all …he understand only what ALLAH wants to give him the knowledge…. and ALLAH loves his humans men or women equally … man has build the particle accelerator because ALLAH has given him the ability to do so if man can do any thing then why cant he travel out of the universe??????? why he cant find where is the ALLAH thrown???? ¬†below atomic level is only guess no one has seen…if ur human can do any thing then y there is no cure for aids. if ur human can do any thing then y people die y human cant control death when they are ashrafulmakhloqat???? can u show me any alive men more than 500 year old still living????? with all the modern technology your human cant bring back the dead person alive….. ¬†a man cant do alot of things which ALLAH DOES AND CANT HAVE KNOWLEDGE ¬†which ALLAH have 0nly 300 years ago the people cant even think of the technologies that are now present and in next 300 years if the world survive may be u and i with all the knowledge we have seem illiterate ¬†but this is the knowledge what ALLAH has opened to us. He gives us what he want….

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@Zzlove; So you mean, Allah gave man knowledge to build particle accelerator but didn’t want to give enough knowledge to understand Qur’an & his religion? Does that sound logical to you in your twisted mind?

      You know how childish you sound when you make comments like ‘why can’t man travel OUT of the universe’?!? Do you even know how big the universe is? Take Astronomy 101 class & then I will ask you the same question again..

      Why are you making this argument about ‘technology’ vs ‘religion’? Thats not how this argument started.. but oh wait! thats what your retarded madrassa cave mullah taught you.. turn every argument in to the same 10-12 issues that you can repeat the same nonsense about over & over again.. Pathetic!

      This article is about Jinnah, Pakistan and Islam’s role in Pakistan’s politics.. Stick to the topic!

  25. Zzlove2000 says:

    khilafat is a practical thing just it is we have to act upoon it…. because the present system has failed…. and quaid eazam left the congress due to their mean attitude towards ¬†muslims and also in nagpur session as ghandi proposed non constitutional means to help the khilafat moment and as i previously said that jinnah wants constitutional and non violent means ¬†for this problem so these diffrences led him to leave congress… and yeh muslims are enjoying too much in india thats why babri mosque was destroyed ¬†and during partition 50 laks muslim were martyred.. and are considered achoot ¬†and in ocuupied kashmir the sikhs were brutally killed and 2 lakh muslim have been killed yeh thats really awesome thing isnt it? why in every indian movie the viloen is always a muslim or christian?????? ¬†what about hindu muslim fasadat????? ¬†in pakistan christians are free and they go to their churches… the sikh comes every year here for their religious cermonies…. and there are very rare cases what you told in pakistan…. ¬†but in india there are a huge no. of such incidence … in pakistan no temple has been destroyed … but india alwyas show hatred towards muslim when they got the chance… we are much better in pakistan then as an indian minority

    • Pakistan says:

      ¬†@f0ef9a6c8aa96ef6f539b058e197de26:disqus: Present system has failed? How about Khilafat? Khilafat failed after the first four Khalifas.. you want to talk about a failed system- then talk about Khilafat.. a failed system for nearly 1300yrs.. Today’s successful Muslim countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc DON’T have Khilafat.. so that means, THEIR system works!

      Dont talk about India; talk about Pakistan.. I live in Pakistan and I see the fear in the eyes of my Christian & Hindu Pakistani friends ALL the time.. Complaining about India is the only thing you were taught in your retarded school and government sponsored history books.. so it is natural that every argument you will try & talk about India to make yourself feel good.. Unfortunately real world doesn’t work that way..

      Complaining about India and what it does, will NOT fix Pakistan’s problems.. if it would’ve; then we would have had a very successful Pakistan today since people like you have been bitching about India since the last 65yrs and it didn’t result in any better life for us Pakistanis..

      So once again, time for you to wake up & ‘jhaank apney giraybaan mein’…

  26. Zzlove2000 says:

    its ur interpretation of what i say …i dont mean that.what i was saying that islam is for all humans and for all times.. in diffrenet times the man has understand the quranic verses diffrently… before all this technology people cant understand the scientific aspect of quran though still they were ashraful makhloqat… now as we learned science ¬†and many scientific facts which were stated in quran have been proved correct by modern science ..and in future ¬†may be these verses have aspects which the humanity still havent understood…. thats what i mean… so y cant u answer my questions instead of pointing out my personality ¬†give me answers to my question and convince me with the logic brother… and the discussion about islam is not which i started… i read your and other comments about the marriage of women ans men ¬†and so i showed you what the quran says about it… if you want to accept it its ok and if you dont want to accept what ALLAH says in quran then ur matter is with ALLAH……AND I told this because according to hadith ¬†it is said that propogate even a single verse if you know…. so if some one is wrong and we know the truth we should tell him…now its upto him wether he accept it or reject it :-))))))))))))))

  27. Zzlove2000 says:

    brother we have to chose between the systems as which is the best… and you cant separate islam from the politics.. because islam gives clear guidlines for the rulers and the nation that how a nation should be built and what characters it should have… if u separate the ¬†religion from the politics then every thing will be like that in the west…. we will be the disobidient to ALLAH then… khilafat is the best model which should be followed … tell me what the drawback you see in the system of khilafat???????? the best ever example of good behaviour ¬†and progress the humanity has seen in the period of khilafat…the downfall which u r saying on the muslims is due to they deviated from the principles of khilafat….i have already told u the ideal model of khilafat is of first four khalifas wats wrong in following them ??????… and why we dont talk about india????? why always look at the negative aspects of pakistan???? this is what the media is promoting and brain washing the people to think always against pakistan…. i havent seen the fear in minorities you are talking about in pakistan….why dont you answer me about all the mistreatments with minorities in india????? and if a few events have occured in pakistan this is due to failed system of government but their ratio is much much less than india… if khilafat system is implimented then even these rare events will not occur to the minority…

  28. addrish says:

    I don’t understand one thing.If Mr.Jinnah was a secular person then way he attempted to get a¬†separate home land in the name of religion.Time and again the discussion had been held on this topic whether¬†¬†Mr.Jinah was a secular person or he want a secular state.But it can’t ever be proved so.From his speeches it is clear that neither he want theocracy nor¬†secularism. He had understood that¬†Islam¬†has a complete model for living.He Just want Pakistan as a¬†labortry¬†to test the Islamic teachings

  29. anonymous says:

    If some one thinks that talking about minorities and non muslims is secularism then read the madina charter giving rights to minorities is in Islam its not secularism.

  30. Samadachakzai says:

    was that 1920 when Qaid left the congress party

  31. Balingua says:

    This article made me cry…may Jinnah rest in peace and the current leaders of Pakistan be given the light of his inheritence. Ameen